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Hello! It's me Heidi. I am a mom of two children, juggling all the things of life. While raising my two high needs children, I quickly learned I needed a hobby. One that would allow me to easily pack up in case the kids needed me. Acrylic painting became my outlet for creativity and solace.

Over the last decade, I have looked for a community of parents who are challenged with raising kids that need more. I could not find such a community. It seemed parents all had easy going kids. It made me feel isolated, lonely, and left out. I knew in my heart, other families were feeling the same way. This is why I created my practice for parents just like us. A safe space to create art and share our experiences of raising children. 

I am an experienced artist. Earning the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification. I have an bachelor degree in Sociology. And my dog Luv and I are a certified therapy dog team. 

idi Robertson Art LLC
idi Robertson Art LLC

Heidi Robertson


Luv Robertson

Certified Therapy Canine

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